I was born in Montreal, Canada and at the young age of thirteen my family moved to Miami Beach, Florida. A couple years later at age fifteen, I began working an after-school job in a camera store where my fascination with cameras and images began…

In the early 90’s, South Beach was going through a major change. Buildings were renovating into chic Art-Deco style, models were seen everywhere, and South Florida was rapidly becoming the fashion capital of the world. I began working as an assistant to an established German catalog photographer, and always say “no schooling could have been better.” I was hooked!

In 1992 I founded Rick Morrison Photography Inc, specializing in fashion and commercial photography, and my works have been published regularly in leading local, regional and national magazines. Later, my career took me to Palm Beach, Florida where I partnered with Studio Palm Beach heading up the commercial division, photographing and designing catalogs and advertisements. My goal has always been, first and foremost, to identify my clients’ needs to achieve the ultimate results.

Today I live in glorious Las Vegas, Nevada and continue to collaborate with both businesses and individuals alike. I implemented portrait photography and enjoy capturing people’s inner and outer beauty. I adopted a love for the west coast, camping and hiking, so look for more landscapes and nature images to come as well. Equipped with the knowledge of photography, business, marketing and design, I hope to someday be thought of as a true professional in the industry.

Hi, I'm Rick  and  this is my story...